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roommate and zeroing on whether this man is responsible. police spent all day and part of the night here in this home last week. they dug up the garage floor. they found some bones. they think they are animal bones but they sent them away to the state laboratory to be tested. today, police have scheduled a press conference to talk more about this unsolved case. >> developing news in sonoma county, sheriff deputy are on the scene of a triple homicide. the bodies were discovered yesterday in forestville, a small town northwest of santa rosa. detectives say the victims were shot to death in a body room of a home. it appears the victims were targeted and one was associated with a tenant. a man look folk his brother said he discovered the bodies at 3: 3:15. cornell bernard will have a live
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report in 30 minutes. >> san francisco police are investigating a shooting in the tenderloin district. it happened around 8:00 last night. a 37-year-old man was shot several times in his torso. he was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. no word from police on any suspects or a mettive for the -- motive. >> the man accused shooting a morgan hill teen will enter a plea in court to murder and kidnapping in the disappearance of the teen. he was arrested last may on charges of murdering the 15-year-old although her body has never been found. she vanished on the way to school on march 15. he may enter a plea on charges of attempted kidnapping for attacking three other when in twine. >> palo alto police are searching for a man who tried to grab an 11-year-old riding her bicycle. it happened on monday night.
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the girl was 10' from the man when he tried to grab her. she screamed and peddled faster. here is a stretch, described as caucasian, in his 30's, 6', weighing 150 pounds with light colored hail and balding or receding scare line and wearing glasses and a puffy blue jacket. >> police are asking for 16 percent pay raise over the next three years in the opening contract talks with the city. the pay increase being proposed include restoring the 10 percent pay cuts they accepted to help limit layoffs during record budget deficits. leaders indicated they would support modest raises but the police officers association argues that bigger raises are needed to keep officers from leaving the department. the union has called for opening negotiations to the public. >> the boy scouts of america board could vote whether to lit a long-term policy that excludes
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gay members and leaders. the executive board is wrapping up three days of meetings today at the headquarters in texas. the proposal would allow individual scout troops to decide how they want to address the issue, a conservative group in texas organized a prayer vigil this morning, and the organization is expected to issue a statement either way. >> the nasdaq could pay millions over the social media company facebook's botched initial public offering. the "wall street journal" reports that nasdaq is in talks with the government to pay $5 million in penalties which is only 1 percent of the money lost by brokers and investors. last may on the only of the facebook i.p.o. technical problems delaying trading, and they. compensate customers $62 million for losses. >> now the forecast. mike, what is going on? >> it will be a nice, quiet day. like how we like wednesday in
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the middle of the work week, do not want too much drama. we will have drama tomorrow morning with the rain. that is coming in. we are off to a sunny start this morning. temperatures are in the mid-30's to low 40's from our inland neighborhood to the bay in the coast. we will have tons of sunshine, a few high clouds and low-to-mid 50's and we will hang on to the mid-to-upper 50's around 4:00 and drop down to 7:00 to the upper 40's to low 50's with clouds increasing with the cold front coming down, bringing us rain tomorrow during the commute, the morning commute and then scattered showers in the afternoon. the temperatures are cooler, low-to-mid 50's and a chance of a last round of scattered showers friday morning, and friday afternoon we will have increasing sunshine and low-to-mid 50's and dry and brighter and warmer on saturday, mid-50's to 60. enjoy it. >> in san jose, we have a solo
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spinout first reported southbound 87 the ramp to southbound 85, right here, not blocking a lane but off on the shoulder. it could be a visual hazards. otherwise, just road work, 880 northbound between 23rd and broadway in lanes until 5:00 this morning. westbound dumbarton, road work until 5:00 this morning, and from embarcardero to shoreline boulevard, the right lane is blocked. the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light and no problems. >> it is 4:36. we are ready to witness the largest gathering of people in history. the local family preparing for the trip of a lifetime. >> he said, what? governor brown blasts a texas campaign to lure away california jobs. >> but, first, the tech bytes this morning. >> dell goes private. the $24 billion buyout was led
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by the founder, an attempt to remake the company as the share of the personal computer market falls. microsoft's new surface tablet has more capacity than the surface rt introduce add few months ago and runs the full version of windows 8. abc news technology editor says this is a across between a laptop and a tablet. >> you can use it for watching movies, music, looking at yaps in -- apps in the app store but you can use the old word program. >> it is not the best tablet or the best laptop available. a study finds that three out of five facebook users admit to taking extended breaks from the social network. the main reason are lack of time and lack
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> speaking of the east bay on this end morning a look at interstate 80 winding through berkeley with the traffic yet to pick up. we guarantee, it will, later in the morning. sue is monitoring the traffic. >> it is 4:40. abc news source says federal authorities are investigating disgraceed cyclist lance armstrong over obstruction and witness tampering. others have said he coerce the them into using performance-enhancing drugs and he admitted it in a recent interview with oprah. he was cleared of charges by the u.s. attorney in southern california last year. but the abc news story said no one is speaking for the justice department. >> four villages in the solomon islands were hit by a 5' tsunami and five people have been reported killed and 70 to 80
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homes damaged. police say they expect the death toll to rise. officials say a pair of giant waves hit the western side of santa cruz island following 8.30 earthquake that struck underwater near the solomon islands. the warning was canceled for more distant coasts. >> now, the largest gathering of people in history is getting underway in india. tomorrow, a bay area man will join tens of millions of hindus for the experience of a lifetime . >> this man is a devout hindu and is flying to indian on thursday, for a religious festival that happens once every 12 years. this year, more than 100 million will descend on the area. they will take a dip in the ganges river. >> he is packing light.
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>> it it is worth any pain for the pilgrimage. >> it has grown dramatically since 2001, the last pilgrimage. >> 110 million to 120 million in one location, the largest gathering of humans on earth. >> this is a photo taken from space above the area, with a reason for the rise in attendance, technology and social media. you can see here high definition cameras and the festival has their own facebook fan page. >> because of facebook and google plus and several other social networks in india, this can drive the traffic. >> it has attracted the attention of harvard. 36 students and faculty members traveled to the festival to study the logistics involved in creating a popup mega city.
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>> it is 4:43. a new ad campaign is trying to lure california jobs out of state to texas. >> building a business is tough. i hear building a business in california is next to impossible. this is texas governor perry with a message for california businesses: come check out texas. >> that is the radio version of an ad voiced by texas governor perry. he has an online version, and plans to add pressure in person next week when he will make a direct pitch to some california companies. company brown says he finds the campaign laughable especially with only a $25,000 budget. >> despite the texas governor's claim that california is bad for business the state seeing a boom in new companies, electric vehicles international recently relocated here from mexico, unveiling a fleet of their green
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ups trucks in sacramento yesterday. >> in monterey, the stars will come out at public -- pebble beach in the challenge including bill murray, and also andy garcia, and they are competing in a five-hole event for charity and the pro's will practice for the national pro-am tomorrow. >> anthony andrews, a star-studded crowd. how is the weather going to be for that? bill murray puts on a show. >> sunny. nice. you will need a light jacket in the mid-50's but it will be calm and you will have a lot of sunshine to soak up opposed to rain like tomorrow morning and breezes that will make it feel cooler. enjoy today. the embarcardero ferry building
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and the bay bridge, not testing the lights this morning. love to see that. always quiet. and you can see the moon above that "live" in the upper left hand corner, a crescent moon. live doppler 7 hd shows ready to capture the radar returns this time tomorrow as they move from north to south across the bay area. right now, cooler. remember we talked about the lack of clouded? a lost 30's out there from napa and santa rosa and mid-30's to concord and police officer lore -- and livermore and los gatos at 37. around the monterey bay, upper 30's to mid-40's. brighter today and close to average temperatures. cooler with showers tomorrow and friday and we will rebound with sunny conditions and warmer weather this weekend. today we will stretch from 55 at
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half moon bay, a cool spot and san francisco and richmond at 356 to antioch and fairfield at 60. we will be 59 in oakland and san jose. 56 in monterey and everyone else in the bay and inland is flirting with 60 degrees. tonight, clouds will roll in, keep the temperatures up, in the upper 30's to mid-40's, and notice the rain is still up to the north during the morning hours at least the early morning. here is what happened year, the cold front came through, the clouds cleared and we are dealing with cooler weather and the next system coming in and it will bring that chance of rain. so we will map it out. 24 hours from now or close you can see the showers, still, in the north bay but moving into the heart of the bay during the end of the morning rush hour and sliding through the south bay and exiting by 2:00. you can see friday, we have scattered showers coming in, especially during the o -- morning hours. when we get to friday afternoon we will see clearing and
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temperatures are cooler, low-to-mid 50's thursday and friday and in the mid-50's at the coast, to near 60 for the rest of us, saturday through tuesday next week. >> good morning, we go back to san jose with an update on the accident, a spinout southbound 87 the ramp to northbound 85 changing the direction of that and the car was driveable so c.h.p. was escorting it east roadway and it should not be a problem. otherwise, road work is coming off the waldo to the golden gate bridge until 6:00 this morning. and the drive from antioch, it is good at this hour toward concord. the san mateo bridge, light conditions on the flat section as you make your way to the high-rise and to foster city you are looking at 14-minute drive a good time to head from hayward to san mateo. >> the u.s. and five other nations have agreed do meet with officials from iran to discuss the nuclear program. the aim is to get tehran to agree to limits in exchange for
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the easing of sanctions. iran's president is in egypt this only for a meeting of middle east leaders. police arrested a protester for throwing a shoe at mahmoud ahmadinejad yesterday in cairo. just throwing the shoe to someone in the arab world is a huge sign of disrespect. remember this? the attack reminiscent of an attack in 2008 whennen iraqi reporter threw his shoes at former president george bush. >> presidential medals are awarded to the six people who died while protecting children at sandy hook elementary school. president obama will present the surviving family members with the medals next week at a white house ceremony given to four teachers, the school principal and a psychologist all gunned down december 14 trying to protect the children in their care. the 20-year-old shooter killed himself. >> next, the wild roundup on an
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east bay road. drivers encounter a creature better suited for the desert. >> florida teen talks back to a judge and pays the price. >> health news affecting pregnancy women.
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>> good morning, on wednesday. now, a live look on the bay. gorgeous. clear. that is why it is colder. mike nicco has the forecast ahead. authorities are investigating the death of $50,000 in copper piping. someone game with the property is probably responsible because it looks they use add key to get in the locked gates of the camp which was established by the city of concord 40 years ago. we did a profile on a summer
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youth program there in 2006. >> a silicon valley firm faces questions this morning. according to san jose mercury news a start-up is being penalized for bringing in workers from mexico and paying them $2.66 an hour in pesos. bloom energy makes fuel cells and sells energy to companies like at&t, coca-cola, google and walmart. a judge ordered them to pay back wages and damages. >> traffic at san francisco international hit a new record in 2012 more than 44 million passengers flew in and out san francisco last year. it is the busiest year in history. last year, flights at sfo accounted for 66 percent of all regional airline travel dwarfing 15 percent in san jose and 14 percent in oakland. the busiest? that goes to as many times in
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the past, atlanta international, with more than 95 million passengers in 2012. >> a veterinarian will check out a camel this morning to make sure it is okay after a bizarre accident in concord. the camel escaped not once but twice yesterday. the second time it was hit by a vehicle. remarkably the camel appears okay. you can see someone catching the animal. then the animal was spotted in the middle of the road and began grazing on the grass in the shoulder. police were able to get the camel back into the pen. i can hear, why did the camel across the road jokes... >> not to get hit by a car. >> and now, mike has the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. we will breakdown today starting
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with clear conditions this morning. the temperature from 34 inland to 44 in san francisco, we will have mostly sunny conditions this afternoon. close to average. 54 to 60 and headed into the evening hours we are in the upper to low 50's with a cloud or two in the skies. live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet again. in fact, no rain in the forecast today. it is close in eureka at 50. 46 in tahoe. 59 in san diego the up to 76 in palm springs. >> note for those that commute, the vallejo ferry is reporting they took the ferry out of service because of mechanical problems with the vallejo ferry. otherwise, we just have road work to san jose north 85 to 101 they will pick that up in a couple of minutes.
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westbound dumbarton bridge, road work until 5:00 a.m. with no road work on the eastbound section this morning and a quick look at 80 through berkeley that has been picked up and traffic is flowing nicely to the macarthur maze. >> it is 4:55, a bill in the state assembly is proposing a $100 cap on chemotherapy pills. many treatments are covered under low cost health plans some medicines can cost thousands of dollars for chemo. the bill was introduced, which is crucial no those suffering from certain cancers. >> we trying to make this more affordable and make sure that the patients make a decision on their treatment based on what drugs are best, what therapy is best, compared to what they can afford. >> chemotherapy treatments in pills can cost $4,000. >> if you expect a baby, watch the air you breathe. a study shows pregnant women who breathe polluted air have a
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higher risk of having babies with low-birthweight. being born at less than 5.5 pounds is seasoned with increased infant mortality and childhood and adult diseases. scientists studied three million infants around the world. >> a woman in miami learned the hard way about respecting the law. check out what happened after the judge set her born at $5,000 >> goodbye. adios. >> come back, ma'am, come back. are you serious? >> i am serious. adios. >> well, she did not like the judge doubling her bond so it got worse. she flipped him off. and then, she said something naughty.
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(inaudible). she was in court on a charge of [bleep]. >> come back again. come back again. >> i guess she thought she had more money to spend on this. [bleep] >> she was in a court on illegal possession of xanax. and it got worst. >> she flipped him off. >> way to go, judge. lesson learned. next, murder in the wine country, three men are found shot to death. >> silicon valley leads the way to a national economic recovery but not everyone is seeing the benefit from the
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on wednesday. thank you for joining us. we have made it past the halfway point to the weekend. now the forecast, mike? >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows no rain for the morning commute. it is dry. now, temperatures, mid-to-upper 30's in santa rosa, napa, livermore, half moon bay, and los gatos, and low-to-mid 40's for the rest of us. low-to-mid 50's at the coast and mid-50's to near 60 for bay and inland neighborhoods. >> now a look at the drive from antioch on westbound highway four. looking good. speeds at limit moving to pittsburg and concord westbound. from the central valley, you are looking good over the altamont

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